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What is Maximize Utility?

The greatest parable of life.

Maximizing utility is the main parable of microeconomics. People attempt to make the best out of their lives. They balance the costs and benefits of each good or service and exhaust their resources. Maximizing utility has nothing to do with money or merely getting the highest risk-adjusted rate of return to investable assets. It is about self-esteem, happiness and comfort. If you had to decribe maximizing utility in one phrase it would be, "looking for love." Microeconomics stands in contrast to Macroeconomics which is omnipresent in our lives but is also nonsense. Central bankers and finance ministers change interest rates and stimulate demand in desperate attempts to create greater valuable economic output but all that is achieved is greater debt. 

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Prediction for 2017 and beyond

The fed funds rate will never be above inflation. Our society is stuck with negative real rates of return on short-term risk-free assets.

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